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08 Dec Unconventionally Normal

I’ve always been unconventional. For as long as I can remember, I’ve marched to my own drum beat. I hated doing things the same as everyone else because it was just so expected. The funny thing about this is, I didn’t like the attention being unique brought. When other little girls my age were all playing with barbies and painting their nails, I spent hours building LEGO sets & pouring myself into crafts and homemade cards. I had less than a handful of close friends and it was plenty. I didn’t need to be a social butterfly like my siblings, but when my feelings of insecurity crept in and I publicly pushed to be something I wasn’t, I felt like I wasn’t being true to myself.

Fast forward to life as a wife and mom and that same unconventional thinking flows into my daily life. For instance, I’d rather spend a weekend at home with my family, than a dozen girls’-night outs. I savor our road trips in the motorhome over any luxurious hotel accommodations and I would rather tweak a family-favorite recipe, than dine at any extravagant 5-star restaurant. It’s only fitting that God gave Joel & I an unconventional approach to healing and we’ve embraced all the surprising ‘new normals’ this medical crisis has brought. Only God knew that I needed to marry someone as unconventional as me.

“There is such a sense of purpose when we fully embrace who we are, quirks and all, and live life unconventionally!”

Now that we have launched this site, I’m finding myself connecting with more and more people. Every. Day. It’s incredible for this introvert, because it hasn’t overwhelmed me like I thought it would. Maybe it’s because our conversations revolve around unconventional thinking & living. We aren’t just chewing the fat about topics like where to buy our kids the cutest clothes or how to fully utilize our Pinterest App. We are exploring topics like treating food as medicine and taking charge of our mental, physical, & spiritual health. We are sharing about healing our families, from the inside out. I’m free to be uniquely me in the conversation and it’s invigorating.

I love that God knew all about this when He created me. I love that I don’t have to apologize for who I am or try to be someone else to serve others and the body of Christ. There is such a sense of purpose when we fully embrace who we are, quirks and all, and live life unconventionally!

What is something you have always done because everyone else does it that way? What would happen if you approached it unconventionally? Do you think it would bring an outcome beyond what you could ever imagine? Take the plunge! If you don’t try something new, you’ll never get to experience life in a different way.
Now, excuse me, while I go make our favorite cashew cream spinach artichoke dip.

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