This page was created with a singular purpose – to help people. We feel the best way to accomplish this is by sharing our journey and resources with you. Now, more than ever, the way we eat, travel, and live is having a lasting impact on our health. Thank you for exploring a new way of thinking, because we know it has the power to literally transform the health of our culture. ~Joel & Elisabeth Maxwell



We are so excited you’ve found our page! In an effort to improve our health, we discovered really helpful tools – now we want to share them with you. Our site is laid out like a map. The fork & knife icon have our family’s favorite recipes. They are all ‘Husband-tested, Kid-approved’ because life is too short to eat terrible food! The grocery cart icon will have a growing list of brands we use everyday.

We don’t buy them because we’ve been paid to; if we haven’t used it and loved it, we won’t post it. Period.

The airplane icon will feature restaurants we found while traveling or ones that others with food allergies have shared with us. We’ve dedicated our time to researching the best websites and articles for health and those resources will be under the stethoscope icon. Along with all these great tools, those who are interested in the latest technology can also read under the satellite icon about apps, gadgets, and gizmos that make our lives easier.

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“Starting a new and healthier lifestyle can be a daunting task – especially in the kitchen. Trust us; been there, done that. Let us be your guide. RSH was designed to make it easier to start down the path to a new you – whether you are trying a new way to live, or you are forced to change by medical necessity. RSH focuses on Gluten-free and Whole Foods/Plant Based eating. The number of people now being diagnosed with Celiac Disease (or other Digestive disorders) is staggering! Many others are discovering the healing power of food as an alternative to costly medication with adverse side effects. The best way to know how to fuel our individual bodies is knowing exactly what we each can process. Let’s take a quick look at where we begin.

alcat ALCAT has been specializing in food intolerance testing for over 25 years. Their tests are so respected, even NBA & NHL teams have used them to create customized nutrition plans for their players, because they know how important food is for optimal performance. Our family has seen it transform our health and we promise it is money well spent.”

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High Life


One of the greatest, most delicious plant-based restaurants in the country is right in our backyard! We know this because we travel, a lot. Christopher’s Kitchen has created a gathering place where the health conscious of South Florida experience refreshing, creative and healthful cuisine in a warm and friendly setting. The ambiance is serene, modern and unique; a place where casual elegance and an unrelenting passion for the finest organic living food can harmoniously co-exist. Natural light flows into the clean, inviting kitchen and offers a tranquil escape from city life while the plaza fountain also beckons you to select the option of dining outdoors. Whether you find yourself dinning there for lunch or dinner Chef Christopher Slawson has a committed mission to serve you only the highest quality, certified organic plant based food, by the friendliest staff in town. We espicially appreciate their careful consideration for people with Celiac disease, as many gluten-free menu items are readily available. If you ever find yourself in Palm Beach Gardens, you’ll want this on your list of places to